Geoff and Gina have been leading and teaching at conferences in a number of cities and venues in Denmark for over twenty years  as well as ministering and teaching in Slovakia over the last nine years. This is in addition various outeaches within the UK




Over the last ten years it has been a very real privilege to work with, provide formation for, and minister to the Good Shepherd Community in Bratislava. In around 2014 we helped them launch their 'Jesus Heals'  healing meetings  which attract around one thousand participants 






UNBOUND - Heart of the Father Ministries



Geoff has been trained by Heart of the father Ministries and is now accredited by them to minister using this prayer model.



"UNBOUND" Deliverance Prayer is a safe & gentle 'freedom prayer' model developed by Neal Lozano.


This model helps people reclaim their true identity in Christ as sons & daughters of God the Father.  Unbound is a deliverance and healing ministry that focuses on people, NOT evil spirits. It is a quiet, loving,  model that helps people respond to the good news of the Gospel and apply truth to their lives using UNBOUND's "5 Keys".





ABC - About Being Catholic


A four session Programme looking at key elements of being a Catholic

  • What is Church and Why do we need it ?
  • Birth to Burial - The Sacraments
  • Growing Closer to God
  • The Mass




This five session course based on Romans 10:9 explores the area of salvation- Understanding our inheritance begins with discovering the deeper purpose of our salvation. Many Christians stay immature because they never progress beyond the revelation that they are sinners saved by grace. By progress we do not mean to 'leave behind', but rather 'to build upon'. The purpose of the cross was not merely to forgive our sins but as a means to invite us back into an intimate family relationship with Him, our heavenly Father.


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